If you want to unfollow someone who is not following you back, it is almost impossible to do it manually. But with this function it can't be more easier.

  1. Just set how many users you want to unfollow at once and click Start button.
    1. Get Followers Info button -> Instamatic tool will get fresh info about your Followers. It will get the info automatically when you start Unfollow function for the first time. Try to get the info once per day to be sure that Instamatic will not unfollow someone who gave you follow back. 
    2. Last followers fetch info -> Last time when Instamatic get info about your Followers. If it is too old, start Get Followers Info function to get actual data. Fresh data is necessary to not unfollow your new followers.
  2.  It will open a new tab with one of your user from following list and unfollow him. One by one, until your limit is reached.
  3. Don't forget that Instamatic makes delay between every unfollow task. So even if it looks like it does nothing for 2 minutes, don't worry, it just can't be done immediately because of Instagram limits.